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Gum Removal Vehicle

GRV- Gum Removal Vehicle Pty Ltd is a Queensland company determined to educate the public to the gum pollution problem as well eradicate the problem using the world-accepted best practise for gum removal, super heated vapour steam.

This process uses less than 3 litres of water per hour.

By combining a number of tools in a unique manner we have a high profile, fully mobile, educational, environmental vehicle that looks great and does a fantastic job.

GRV (Gum Removal Vehicle) is a phrase that was first used by the late Alan Hess, Waste Minimisation Manager of Brisbane City Council a man who will be sorely missed.

In discussions with Steam Australia Queensland regarding inner city gum pollution we conceived and built a prototype vehicle which was designed for Brisbane City Council.

The prototype was approved within 30 minutes of the demonstration and GRV was born.

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"At Keep Australia Beautiful Queensland we are always supportive of initiatives that may help reduce the gum pollution and litter on our streets. We have no doubt that GRV or GroVVVy as we call it, is a valuable addition to the battle. We displayed the GRV in our stand at the EKKA and had great interest and support from the public as to its valuable contribution to eradicating litter. The concept of educating the public whilst eradicating the problem is certainly a priority and we look forward to building a long term alliance with GRV, and thank them for their ongoing support."

Laura Willmott | Keep Australia Beautiful Queensland | Marketing Director and Board Member

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