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Greenaction Accreditation

Supplier: Momar Australia
27 September, 2012

Momar's Greenaction product line is environmentally responsible chemistry in action.

Greenaction products utilise the latest, "greenest" technology to perform cleaning tasks better than traditional products while minimising the effects on environmental and human health.

Momar's Greenaction products offer users the following set of benefits:

  • Environmental protection - Greenaction products are formulated with the environment and human health strongly in mind, using ingredients with more positive attributes than those in conventional cleaning products. Greenaction products use the following types of ingredients: biodegradable surfactants with byproducts that are less toxic than the parent compound; sequestrants and builders that are not environmentally persistent and do not contribute to oxygen-depletion in fresh water bodies; solvents that are not hazardous air pollutants and pose no threat to the Earth's ozone layer; and other components with a more positive environmental profile.
  • Worker health and safety - In addition, Greenaction products are also formulated to help ensure a healthier, safer workplace. Users of these products benefit from ingredients that include no chlorine, ammonium, caustics, or any volatile solvents that pose serious hazards. This benefit is amplified for janitors, maintenance staff, housekeepers, and others who must use cleaning chemicals in confined spaces on a daily basis. A safer health profile especially benefits children, who spend a large part of their day in indoor environments and can be particularly sensitive to the chemicals in cleaning products. Also, the mild pH, low volatility and low potential to catch fire enhance the safety profile of these products.
  • Resource conservation - Product attributes that decrease potential risks to workers (mild pH, no chlorine bleach or harsh solvents, etc.) also significantly reduce wear and tear on substrates, fabrics and other surfaces with which the products come in contact, thereby extending their usable life.
  • Customer education - Momar acts as a product steward by providing its customers information on environmental and worker-safety matters. Additionally, Momar trains its sales force on the benefits of formulations with improved environmental and health characteristics.