Glasdon Nexus 140

Supplier: RUD
16 May, 2012

The project was a national roll-out of recycling bins for the collection of used plastic shopping carrier bags through 860 COLES and BI-LO supermarkets.

Problem identified

COLES and BI-LO supermarkets required an effective system in their retail outlets to collect shopping carrier bags for recycling. These recycling bins needed to be highly visible and instantly recognisable. They also needed to be robust, low maintenance, guarantee a long service life, be easy to empty and light enough to avoid WH&S issues related to handling.


RUD's recycling specialist recommended a customised version of the Nexus 140:
Bin opening was modified to discourage the discarding of general litter; the bin's base colour was changed to match the COLES / BI-LO corporate branding; and signage was designed to incorporate the COLES / BI-LO recycling campaign artwork.

The major COLES distribution centres were used to deliver the 860 bins, dramatically reducing the client's costs. Spare units have been kept in stock at the RUD Brisbane warehouse to ensure timely supply of bins to new stores over the next 2 years.

End result

The recycling initiative was successfully implemented, with the Client receiving positive consumer feedback (bin clearly identifiable, ease of use etc.) and reporting the collection of over 194,000 tonnes of consumer packaging materials for recycling during the first year.

What the client said

"In June 2010, we launched a two-week bag drive to provide customers with a convenient and environmentally responsible way to dispose of their reusable bags made of polypropylene.

"As a result of our bag drive, over 37,000 bags were saved from landfill and will be turned into outdoor furniture and donated to schools. In September 2009, over 220,000 single use plastic bags were also collected and recycled as part of our Plastic Bag Challenge with Landcare."