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Genuine world-class quality: "The Cloud"

Supplier: HotelHome
21 January, 2013

"The Cloud" is manufactured to the absolute highest standards for the most discerning luxury hotels.

Many retail imitations of "luxury" feather bed toppers try to look like and claim to be the genuine article. Some do include elastic straps or skirts, which are required to hold the product in place on a bed. "The Cloud" is the genuine Feather Bed Topper as seen in the world's best Hotels and they do not require any type of fastening to the mattress.

Once laid on the bed, "The Cloud" will stay in position and it does not move around. "The Cloud" is an investment in supreme comfort and blissful sleep.


The sheer size of "The Cloud" packaging indicates the amount of down and feather used.

Do not be surprised at the bulk of a genuine feather/down bed topper. The Down and soft Feather combination of the product is most important, however the correct quantity of these components is also paramount to perform correctly. This makes "The Cloud" a very substantial product indeed.

Once placed on the bed this feather/down bed topper will stay in place without any need for straps or skirts.

High Density

High density is most essential for a true feather/down bed topper experience.

The wall height of the internal baffles on "The Cloud" is 6 cm, however due to the quantity and density of the down and Soft Feather inside, the total height of "The Cloud" Feather Bed Topper can be much higher when fully aired. This ability to gain a high loft ensures an instant feeling of suspension, complete body support and sheer luxury when slept upon.