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G J Food The Fine Food Connection

G J Food The Fine Food Connection | Delicious French Gourmet Products

G J Food The Fine Food Connection

Fine French Food was created to offer you a variety of delicious French products. Our aim is to supply the Australian public with the best of French Food products that are allowed into Australia by the Australian Quarantine.

The products are selected primarily according to the traditional way that they are prepared and if they reflect the unique flavours of the different local cuisines, which is very important.

Not surprisingly when we look for quality products we invariably come across brands whose renowned names are synonymous with outstanding quality: caviar and Pétrossian, foie gras and Edouard Artzner, butter and Echiré, nougat de montélimar and Arnaud Soubeyran etc.

Fine French Food is very proud to offer all these exceptional delicacies to discerning gourmets and food lovers.

While browsing through our range of products, you will no doubt be surprised to find that products that you have been unable to find in the shops are, in fact, available in Australia.

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Our knowledge of packing and shipping goods all over Australia will ensure that you receive your special order promptly and in good condition.

Enjoy looking through our product list and if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to send us an E-mail.

We look forward to having the pleasure of sending some delightful French delicacies to you very soon.

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