From jams to schnapps, Steinbok is set to outshine the big booze boys

16 May, 2013

From barman to businessman, Gavin Yates is quickly making a name for himself in Australia through introducing innovations to the bar industry.

His desire to manufacture quality beverages and help the bar industry deliver service more efficiently, all started out with making breakfast jams.

After recognising the demands from the alcohol market, this underdog went ahead to create his own unique range of products to appeal to consumers and bartenders alike, while taking on the larger international brands.

Gavin started out making breakfast jams with his father in 1992 which grew into Dural Park Jams, Blue Mountains Honey and Granny Kookaburra Jams and Sauces.

When he started working as a barman in 1997, he noticed that shot glasses were going missing from patrons stealing them.

With extensive experience in making miniature jam jars, he realised how great it would be to package the shots into closed shot glasses so when patrons stole them they would also be taking the brand name home with them.

"I realised that this was a great way to promote a business," Yates said.

"So I started making a range of miniature cocktails and packing them into shot glasses with a pull-off lid. Essentially, I wanted people to steal the shots, because the shot glasses would become a permanent advertisement for my brand, Steinbok.

"This is how I was able to establish myself as a manufacturer of fine liqueur."

He knew that the shot glass with a pull-off lid was only ever going to be a craze; and with over 1,000,000 shots sold by 2000, he decided it was time to release a 700mL bottle.

This way, people could enjoy his fine range of butterscotch and peach schnapps in the comfort of their own homes.

Following his rising success, with Steinbok becoming the second largest manufacturer of schnapps in Australia, Gavin came out with new products including Granny Smith Sour Apple schnapps, Resort's Long Island Tea, and the Barman's Choice Cordials range.

"I'm truly thrilled by our success," Yates said.

"People love our schnapps. Steinbok liqueurs are now extensively found in bars all over Australia and our Granny Smith Sour Apple schnapps is also available in Coles' Liquorland. Our plan is to grow and get major retailers to take on more of our products."