Free food safety induction for your staff

Supplier: CFT International - Food Safety and RSA training By: Margret leslie
01 October, 2014

Tom O’Toole from the Beechworth Bakery was asked "what if I train my staff and they leave" Tom answered "what if I don't train them and they stay!"

It is clear that food safety supervisors and managers are responsible for what their food service staff do.

I recommend that if you don't insist that staff have a basic food safety qualification that you "at least" require them to complete a food safety induction course.

We are happy to offer this basic course free which will give your staff the main messages ensure food processes are safe and staff have reasonable knowledge levels.

Upon completion of this course staff will be able to print off a certificate of participation which gives you evidence of your duty of care in terms of staff working within your business have adequate skills and knowledge in relation to the tasks they are undertaking.

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