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Form and functionality - Keeping up with hospitality trends

Supplier: IHS Global Alliance
15 January, 2018

When an establishment with such a rapport, needs to remain at the top of its game in delivering experiences beyond expectations, their space and equipment must be able to adapt, quickly.

Here at IHS Global Alliance, our designers are continuously innovating product solutions to make the staff and customer experience more pleasurable. Danny is a highly experienced Food and Beverage Director with a career spanning 28 years within internationally renowned establishments, including HYATT and Marriott Groups. Danny was delighted to talk about his experience and key role in the decision made to invest in IHS equipment solutions throughout his career.

About the client

Danny Wells is a Food & Beverage Director dedicated to deliver guest experiences which strive to stay true to the values of an authentic hospitality experience. This experience is consistent across his career where Danny has coordinated and managed extensive meeting facilities, energizing restaurants and bars, to provide guests with “…a great space to connect”.

Business Requirements

To ensure the facilities create a positive customer experience through flexible set-up solutions. Such solutions must have style and functionality to complement the essence of the establishment experience, ensuring the presentation of the meeting facilities and food & beverage are effective in its entirety.  


The Cross Cube Collection was selected as the ideal solution.

Multiple styles created with one system – From day use to night functions. Courtesy Grand Hyatt San Francisco


IHS Global Alliance (IHS) Danny Wells (DW)

IHS: Managing fashionable and renowned establishments across the United States, tell us how important it is for your facilities to remain in trend?
DW: Guests traveling and ‘on the go’ have high expectations about their experience in any meeting facility. Presentation of the food and beverages provided is crucial to success of the meetings, as well as the entire experience. The Cross Cube tables allow for the creativity, innovation and the overall appearance of our culinary selections to impress.

IHS: What defines a good customer experience to you as an F&B Director?
DW:Customers are very visual and when a particular look is polished, clean and stylish, it always enhances a customer’s first impression and the perception of their event experience.

IHS: Renowned for delivering an extraordinary experience, how important is the use of your equipment and furniture in creating such?
DW:The look is everything! Clean, stylish, contemporary, modern and versatile. The Cross Cube tables are the easiest tables for any look, especially with ever-changing trends within the space. 

IHS:Offering facilities that cover activities, dining, meetings and events, what have been the challenges for your team in setting up for these different requirements?
DW:Having to knock-up ad knock-down multiple configurations which are heavy, bulky and consuming the time taken. We required speed within the flexibility, to adapt to the varied guest experiences requested.

IHS:When considering an equipment solution to overcome these setup challenges, what key functionalities were you looking for and how has the Cross Cube solution from IHS met these needs? 
DW: Equipment needs to be adaptable in any space, and the tables from IHS are elegant enough that if you need to leave them set up within a public space, they can easily blend into the environment. Transport and storage needs to be simple, and with the carts provided through IHS and the usage of the tables, the possibilities are almost endless. The durability is amazing. I had 1 break in a 3-year period, with thousands of use cases!

IHS: Can you tell us how the Cross Cube solution has been used across the different facilities you have directed?
DW: My teams have used the tables for everything but conference seating! Bars were spectacular especially with some up lighting. The smaller cubes were great for displays around the room. Coffee breaks were innovative and less cluttered as the tables serve as the décor.

IHS: How have your staff found the product to work with?
DW:At first, they are reluctant as they are not used to new weights and the different size options they could configure. Once they used the product, they realized the ease of use. I would recommend the transport and storage carts also, as they make it easy to move and store the tables throughout the facility.

IHS: How has the flexibility of the Cross Cube collection contributed to the return on your investment?
DW:We use the tables for every situation. Bars, registration, buffets, and coffee breaks. The return has indeed been made well and truly beyond initial installation.

IHS: What defines a good working relationship with a supplier?
DW:When someone understands your vision and can assist with purchasing solutions to accommodate a specific property. Knowing realistic lead times and having honest dialogue about delivery, and IHS has this.

IHS: If you were to recommend the Cross Cube Collection as a solution to another Hotel establishment, what would define the value of its use in 25 words or less?
DW: The versatility and the flexibility with your buffet, action stations or bar setups are endless. 


Danny Wells and his teams were able to work with equipment they required to suit the needs and expectations of their guests. The result is a vast choice in flexibility and innovative use of space, enabling the delivery of a customer experience beyond any expectation. 

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