Footy grand finals spending to top $270 million

25 September, 2012

With the AFL and NRL grand finals this weekend, business information analysts at IBISWorld forecast Aussies will fork out $272.5 million on football finals celebrations – with hospitality, tourism, sports betting and television networks tipped to be the biggest winners.

IBISWorld general manager (Australia), Karen Dobie said football finals spending would provide a much appreciated boost to hospitality, tourism and retailers following a flat year for consumer spending overall. 

"The AFL and NRL finals are milestone events for millions of Australians – and for most supporters, game tickets, big-screen TVs, alcohol and a bet or two will take precedence over prudence," said Dobie.
"The fact that Sydney and Melbourne are represented in both Grand Finals is particularly good news for Australia's hospitality and tourism industries and television networks – with more Australians than ever expected to travel or tune in to watch both codes this weekend," said Dobie.
"Both the Melbourne Cricket Ground (AFL Grand Final) and ANZ Stadium, Sydney (NRL Grand Final) are expected to sell out for the games, and TV viewership of for both codes is expected to reach 4.5 million," she added.
Pubs, bars and liquor sales
IBISWorld expects the 2012 Grand Final football weekend to generate $45 million for pubs and bars and $60 million for liquor retailers – with majority of spending taking place in Sydney and Melbourne. 
In terms of what we will be drinking as we cheer on our teams, Dobie said premium and boutique beer and cider are expected to remain firm favourites – providing a further boost to revenue. 
This weekend, IBISWorld anticipates over 22,000 fans will travel to watch the Grand Finals first hand - injecting $14.8 million into the domestic tourism industry.  
"Domestic airlines, accommodation providers, restaurants and cafes are all expected to benefit from increased tourism driven by travelling fans keen to support and watch their teams," said Dobie.
Sports betting
"This year, Australians are expected to flutter $42.4 million during the football Grand Finals – with fans betting on everything from the outcome of the game, to the best on ground with a simple click," Dobie said. 
"As the growth of online betting continues across multiple platforms, such as smartphones, this segment is playing a key role in driving expenditure."
Ticket sales
In 2012, IBISWorld expects fans will fork out $75.7 million on Grand Final footy tickets, with 180,000 Australians attending an AFL or NRL final.
Aussie fans unable to make it to a live game are likely to host a footy finals barbecue at home to the tune of $11.8 million for appliance retailers. IBISWorld expects big-screen TVs and new BBQs will be high on hosts' shopping lists.
"This year, Aussies have an added incentive to celebrate at home, with the Grand Finals for both codes being telecast live for the first time," Dobie said.
Source: IBISWorld