First hotel reservation app for Google Glass now available

05 June, 2014

In a further step toward an exciting future for accommodation industry-related technology, Hotel Near Me, the first hotel reservation app for Google Glass is now available for public download.

The app has been launched by who previously announced that it was in beta development last May.

Once the app has been downloaded and installed on the Google Glass, it is ready to make hotel bookings. Hotel Near Me quickly finds the closest hotel to the user, based on their GPS location.

The user can navigate through other nearby hotels by swiping the Glass, and filter them according to price. By tapping on the Glass, the user can see more information about the hotel, such as photos, services offered by the hotel and its exact location. It is also possible to use voice commands instead of gestures and to visualize the location of the hotel with augmented reality.

Once the user has chosen an accommodation, they can use the Google Glass to make the reservation with The app can even provide directions to the hotel.

"Wearable technology is going to revolutionise tourism in ways that we can only dream of today," said Amuda Goueli, CEO of The online travel agency is currently working on more cutting-edge travel services for the Google Glass, as well as implementing a version of Hotel Near Me for Android and IOS smartphones.