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Filtration without frustration

Supplier: Comcater
13 March, 2014

Did you know that over the lifespan of a fryer, the cost of oil is typically greater than the cost of the fryer? In any given year, the cost of oil will most likely outweigh the cost of energy, whether it's gas or electric.

Therefore, it makes sense that one of the biggest opportunities to reduce operating expenses will come from reducing your oil costs.
Regular filtration is critical to preparing consistently great tasting fried food but can also double the life of the oil.  In fact, filtering daily can offer up to 50 per cent in savings per year on oil costs.
Like with most tasks in a kitchen; the easier something is to do, the more likely it is to get done. Frymaster has made filtration simple with the development of a built-in filtration system.
This is where the magic happens.
Frymaster's Footprint Pro system puts filtration where it's most convenient to use - right within the fryer battery - eliminating the need for additional floor and storage space.The filtering process is fast, easy and can filter 25 litres of oil in less than 5 minutes, while the other fryers in the battery keep on cooking.
This system is enhanced with a gravity draining system that allows residual oil to drain into the filter pan. The same filter pan can be used to filter up to six fryers and is capable of filtering each fryer individually, without having to be moved from fryer to fryer; saving on valuable labour.

Charis Seafoods, located on Queensland's Gold Coast is the region's largest seafood outlet. Every week, Charis sells an astounding 150 boxes of chips, that's approximately 800kg worth of chips.
With business thriving, business owners Jim Stamoudis and Salvi Vinaccia decided it was time to upgrade their facilities. Comcater supplied eight Frymaster MJCF fryers incorporating two Frymaster Filtration Suites. This has an enormous output capacity of cooking up to 360kg of fish and chips per hour.
"The filtering process is now faster, easier, quicker and more importantly safer for the staff to use. Frequent filtering helps to improve the quality of fried food and maximise oil life which is critical to our bottom line.
"We were dumping out a monstrous amount of oil. Now our oil lasts longer, we're saving on time and labour but the biggest benefit of the filtration suites has to be the fact that we can filter and cook at the same time," Jim explains.