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Euro Chill's strategic partnership with Technodom Spa

Supplier: Euro Chill Pty Ltd
03 June, 2018

Why does Euro Chill source Italian-made refrigeration systems through Technodom Spa?

At Euro Chill, we are dedicated to supplying the highest standard of commercial refrigeration systems, designed for performance and durability. After researching extensively we chose Technodom Spa to be our main supplier because of the superior quality of their commercial refrigeration systems, which are 100 per cent Italian designed and manufactured.

Technodom Spa commercial refrigeration systems are specifically designed and manufactured for the technical requirements of the commercial refrigeration market and to satisfy all HACCP standards for safe food processing. All of their commercial refrigeration products are manufactured in factories in Padua, Italy, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that even in more extreme environmental conditions, temperatures do not rise within the refrigeration system which can cause bacteria to develop.

Technodom Spa products are designed and manufactured to work under pressure, as these are often installed in hot or humid kitchens, to avoid breakdowns occurring resulting in expensive product losses and repairs. With an expert technical department onsite it enables Technodom Spa to constantly be evolving the features and functionality of their product lines, to more efficiently fulfil market demands.

Another reason we decided Technodom Spa’s commercial refrigeration systems were the perfect fit for our clients was because of the wide selection of models they design and manufacture.

Some of the vast selection of product categories supplied to Euro Chill through Technodom Spa include:

  • Square and curved patisserie displays – EVOK & EVO
  • Deli displays – Salina Lux & Salina 80
  • Square and curved hot displays – EVOK HOT & EVO HOT
  • Butcher displays – Panarea 
  • Curved open displays – LIDO
  • Slim open displays – Vulcano 60
  • Open displays – Vulcano 80
  • Under counter chillers – EKO & MID
  • Under counter freezers – MID
  • Open displays with sliding doors – Vulcano VS80

We also have a range of upright preparation units, available on our website under ‘chillers’, ‘freezers’ and ‘dual temp units’ in our commercial products category. These fridges and freezers come in both stainless steel doors and glass doors.

The broad range of Italian-made commercial refrigeration lines that Technodom Spa design and manufacture for Euro Chill are stylish and contemporary, suitable for all types of commercial applications, such as supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, delicatessens, patisseries, bakeries, butcheries and commercial kitchens. Euro Chill can also arrange for Technodom Spa to customise product lines to their client’s exact specifications for temperature variation, size, depth, colour and corporate branding.

If you’re interested in the range of Technodom Spa products that we supply at Euro Chill, visit our company website or contact us today. We offer national delivery of all the Technodom Spa products and can organise to have products customised to suit the demands of your business. There is also finance available for on all our advertised products, including Euro Chill’s Vacc-Safe Premium range. Ask us for a competitive quote today on our high-quality commercial refrigeration and we can arrange a finance option to suit your specific requirements.