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Eco friendly changes you can make to your food business

Supplier: Catering Equipment Australia
25 September, 2018

With the recent plastic free regulations, here are changes which you can make to your food business to get involved.

Disposable coffee cups

Takeaway coffee cups create a huge amount of waste as they are not biodegradable. You would think being made of paper that they would be fine but the inside is actually has a layer of plastic to keep the liquid from melting the paper.

Offering a discount for people who bring their own cup or at least accepting outside coffee cups will reduce waste while also saving you money on buying takeaway cups. Put a sign in the window to say you accept these and people will thank you for doing this.

This is a huge trend with coffee shops today so get on board!

Reusable straws

How many plastic straws do you go through at your restaurant or café a day in smoothies and milkshakes? You bin is probably full of them right? Today there are so many more options to plastic straws that can be washed and reused instead of thrown in the bin and taken to landfill. Glass straws, metal stars and bamboos stars are great alternatives and will make your beverages look more unique. People will love them and probably want to know where to get them so you could even sell take home packs at the counter!

Reduce food waste

One way you can do this is by looking at your portion sizes. Are you getting a lot of half-finished plates? Maybe reducing your portion sizes will reduce your food waste while also reducing your food costs. Composting is another excellent way to reduce your food waste. If you don’t have enough room to set up a compost bin another option is to keep a small bin with all of the food scraps then at the end of the day chuck it in a blender, dilute with water and feed it to some plants.

Use local ingredients

Support local businesses and buy direct from farmers. Most food bought by bog chains had to travel hundreds of miles to get there wasting fuel and money which incurs higher prices for you. Buying local and fresh tastes best and can be used to make some great seasonal dishes.