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Dough Conditioning Temperature Controlled Cabinet - KOMA CDS SunRiser

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KOMA optimal control and regulation of the fundamental temperature, air and relative humidity ensures well balanced cooling and dough conditioning climates.

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CDS SunRiser: Dough conditioning (-20°C / +35°C)

As well as the solid design of the units which is typical of KOMA, you should note the following technical features in particular: coated evaporators for optimal acid protection as well as active humidification for optimal regulating of the chamber's humidity levels across the whole width of the unit so as to ensure equal air distribution. 

SDCC cabinet system: SW or PW model for single trolley

The plug-in fully automated proofer unit provides the fully perfected technology of our "large" CDS SunRiser in a highly compact form. It provides you with maximum capacity in the smallest of spaces in your bakery or store, so the consistently high quality of your dough products is guaranteed. All the process steps can be easily programmed with the aid of the KOMA computerised control system.

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