Don't you hate noisy restaurants?.. Tired of lip-reading while you're out for dinner?

Supplier: Protech Commercial Kitchens
04 November, 2019

Tired of lip-reading while you’re out dining? Too noisy to hear yourself speak when you're out dining, let alone hear your partner opposite you?

Too noisy to hear yourself speak, let alone hear your partner opposite you?

 Protech design restaurants with acoustics that will work!

 We have an in-house team that will design your new restaurant exactly according to perfect plans for your chefs as well as your in-house diners. 

Those exposed walls/roofs, hard timbers, concrete floors will be addressed. Hard surfaces are leading to noisier restaurants – and worse tasting food!

When the noise is elevated, our ability to detect saltiness, and sweetness, while enhancing bitterness, results in a less enjoyable culinary experience.

We go out to a restaurant for a social reason, we want to chat to people! We don’t go out just for the food.

85% (that’s 1,000 readers) from a recent Facebook poll said they believed noise levels were too high. And disturbing as well!

Work Safe Victoria classifies any noise level higher than 85 decibels as unsafe. Some restaurant's noise levels are as high as 95 decibels.

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