Domotic wine cellar MySommelier: unique in the world.

05 Jun 2021

MySommelier is the union of the Italian refine design with the most innovative technologies, it is the perfect product to preserve and display the the most prestigious wine collection.


MySommelier is equipped with a LED lighting system designed to light the wine cells with a scenic effect without influencing the storage temperature of the wines. Thanks to the Led RGB, the scenic light background can be easily varied in any iris colour with a simple touch on the App
The MSM technology (Motorized Smooth Motion) guarantees protection and total safety for your precious wine collection: only authorised people can open the glass door and have access to the bottles.
Each bottle remains in its air cloud which, thanks to advanced technology, maintains the level at the set temperature even for a long period.



Thanks to the innovative App, today the MySommelier cellars are also able to dialogue with each other thus allowing you to have a real furnishing system designed specifically for all spaces related to wine storage.
With the bottle search function, it is possible to illuminate the bottle you are looking for in a different colour, allowing you to easily identify it. At this moment the bottle will change colour and the class will open automatically.



MySommelier can aesthetically satisfy every need in term of style. It can be built in 4 different size and the shell can be “dressed” with selected precious woods, fine leather, stainless steel, carbon fibre and even gold leaf.
For wine collections that do not need to be refrigerate, MySommelier is available even without chiller. An exclusive piece of furniture with high technology that will bring your environment to a higher level.