Commercial fridge: do more with less

A highly-efficient commercial chiller can cut your electric bills
A highly-efficient commercial chiller can cut your electric bills

Keeping your ingredients, dairy, frozen goods, and other food and beverage products in perfect condition as long as they can get is not the only job a commercial refrigeration unit does to any business owner.

Yes, the fridge looks good, it has good reviews and high ratings - a total food and beverage establishment decor indeed. However, these industrial fridges are not just pretty faces on any restaurant, hotel, or convenience store out there; they are also indispensable tools for overall business efficiency.

How does simple catering equipment benefit a company as a whole?

Aside from serving as an effecting storage equipment for chilled and frozen food and beverage, a highly-efficient commercial chiller can also cut your electric bills, promote product exposure and sales, and encourage customer loyalty.

Here are 4 ways a commercial fridge can help your business do more.

1. Keeps your products in their excellent quality

Commercial fridges do what they got to do – keep stored ingredients, food and beverages cool and preserve them to prolong their shelf lives. Commercial refrigerators do a great job in distributing cool air within it by making use of modern and industrial technology, heavy-duty mechanisms.

This is their basic job; and to be factual, as compared to home fridges, the commercial type of chillers are more durable; therefore you can be rest assured of optimum cooling despite working overnight.

2. Cuts your electric bills

Well, this one does not necessarily apply to all industrial refrigerator models. In order to cut your electric bills, you can opt for energy-saving models, such as Skope Cyclone refrigeration which makes use of MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards). Energy-efficient fridges generally operate by setting up mechanical standards, specifically in terms of power consumption and other related factors.

3. Increases your sales

Just like the second advantage, this factor does not apply to all models. You can use commercial fridges to the best advantage of your business by using glass door display fridges. These types have transparent doors so customers can easily see the goods inside the fridge such as milk, sodas, yogurts, frozen food, and many more.

These are perfect for convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments which sell ready-to-be-consumed food and beverage. You can easily entice passers-by with glass

4. Keeps your customers - for good

So how exactly do you keep loyal customers by simply investing on your industrial refrigerator units? You just have to look at the bigger picture. Think of the quality of the goods being offered. The way chilled food and beverage maintain their quality relies on the quality of the refrigeration itself.

This equipment basically prolongs the "lives" of the goods. Imagine how spoiled goods greatly affect the reputation of a store. Then imagine NOT having that bad reputation. Selling quality food and beverage products consistently will not just keep existing customers, but also bring in a lot more.