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Choosing the right commercial refrigeration system

Supplier: Catering Equipment Australia
01 August, 2018

Being in the hospitality business is no mean feat, which is why it’s always recommended to make the task at hand easier by using as much support as possible.

While a commercial refrigerator may be one of the most basic requirements in your restaurant, it may be hard to understand the utility of different styles available in the market, and to choose one that’s most appropriate for your needs. In a catering business or restaurant kitchen, you need a robust refrigeration system to store large quantities of produce, ingredients, drinks, desserts and more. There’s also the additional requirement of storing certain foods at the right temperature, or they stand to go stale before time. In this article, we look at the different types of refrigeration systems that you can choose from in the market, and how they would benefit your commercial catering establishment.

Glass door upright refrigerator

As the name suggests, these refrigerators come with a glass display, which would let customers easily see the products inside. These refrigerators double up as display cases, since your customers can be enticed with food displays while also helping them decide what they would like to order or purchase. Additionally, your staff will also benefit from a glass door refrigerator since they can easily spot ingredients or products they may be looking for. Like most refrigerators, these models also come with multiple shelves that are also adjustable, so you can place them at heights that best suit your requirements.

Prep refrigerators

Also known as preparation refrigerated counters, they provide storage and preparation space to your restaurant team within the same unit. These are a commercial kitchen essential since they maximise the space that’s available to you. You can usually choose between models with one, two or three doors, and remote refrigeration systems. Prep refrigerators also usually come with wire shelves that allow for easy storage. These units can also be customised to suit varying pan depths and sizes, allowing your team to easily prepare, plate and send dishes out whilst standing in the same area.

Stainless steel upright refrigerators

These refrigerators are designed for more heavy duty use, and is usually used in the back kitchen for storage purposes. Multi door models ensure better organisation, and you can choose a model that best suits your needs. These fridges are high performance units, making them an essential requirement in any busy commercial kitchen.

Under counter refrigerators

If your kitchen has limited space or you’re looking to make the most of the available space, an under bench refrigerator is perfect for your needs. They offer ample storage while also being able to conveniently fit under work benches. These fridges also help your team be more efficient since they can prepare food standing in one area instead of running across the kitchen