China serves up 'smart chopsticks' in wake of food safety scandals

Supplier: CFT International - Food Safety and RSA training By: BBC news
23 September, 2014

This started as an April fools joke but the company has made a limited run of prototypes, the spokesman said, and no release date or price has been set.

"If I carried these chopsticks around with me everywhere, I think I'd die of hunger," wrote another.

From recycled cooking oil to fox meat and chemicals, a litany of food scandals have turned Chinese diners' stomachs, but a new "smart chopsticks" concept could put the answer in their hands.

Electronic chopsticks that can detect whether food is unsafe to eat have been unveiled by Chinese tech company Baidu.

A spokesman said the company in April had "no serious intention of actually pursuing this, but it generated a lot of excitement both internally and externally".