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Burger and Cookie Forming and Portioning Machine | Formatic R-Series

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Formatic R-series and C-series forming and portioning machines from 1,000 to 24,000 products per hour.

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Able to form a wide range of products including meat, fish, potato, vegetable and ethnic, butter and cheese as well as cookies, other bakery items, confectionery and protein balls/bars into a variety of shapes and sizes. For example round, square, rectangles, triangles etc as well as Gingerbread men, Easter bunnies, Xmas trees, hearts, stars, animal shapes and whatever else your imagination can dream up.

Two models available “R” series and “C” series

Both models are equally as strong as each other; the only difference is in the speed, the motor type and the forming area of the drum.

The “R” models are a single phase motor while the “C” models are all three phase motors.

“R” models are available as fixed speed machines (1200 drum revs/hr) or a variable speed which is adjustable from 1000 to 2200 drum revs/hr.

“C” models come as a fixed speed machine (2000 drum revs/hr) or a variable speed which is adjustable from 900 to 4000 drum revs/hr.

Both “R” and “C” models are also available in 360deg drums (one forming & ejection point per turn of the drum) or 180deg design drums which have two forming and ejection points per turn of the drum – 180degs apart.

The 180deg drums are more expensive than the 360deg design, but of course they double the production capacity. 360deg design drums can be used on a 180 design Formatic machine, but the 180deg drum cannot be used on a 360 design Formatic machine.

For a 180deg machine to run a 360deg drum, an extra set of paddles are required as well.

Features of the Formatic Burger and Cookie Forming Machine:

  • Formatic machines are available in R-series from 1000 to 8800 shapes per hour or the slightly larger c-series with its wider drum forming at up to 24,000 shapes per hour.
  • C-series and R-series are benchtop machines although we have mobile machine trolleys available as an option.
  • All plug into a standard 240v powerpoint but feature 3-phase motors for torque and reliability.
  • All models with the exception of the entry level R1200 feature variable speed control.
  • Hopper capacities are available from 15kg to 75kg.
  • Formatic machines feature fast hoseable cleandown and quick shange drums during production.
    Weight control is achieved by the ability of the forming drum to be set to any thickness between 4 to 34mm - a fast easy adjustment on the machine.

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