Brumby's is delighted with the Sinmag SM-50 Spiral Mixer

Supplier: W & P Reedy Bakery Equipment By: Paul Davies
20 August, 2014

A satisfied customer, Paul Davies from Brumby's, sent this letter to W & P Reedy.

Dear Lars,

You will recall that in mid March this year I purchased a new 2 bag Sinmag mixer from you. My old mixer had turned up its toes and was beyond salvation. After my experiences with my Sinmag bun-rounder I had no hesitation in calling you for a replacement mixer. Nonetheless, I did look at alternatives, but the choice was simple. Sinmag was the way to go.

3 months down the track I am pleased to say that we are all 100% delighted with the new mixer. Mine is a medium production bakery and the 2 bag Sinmag is ideal in this environment. It performs equally well with both larger and small 1 or 2kg doughs. I can always be confident that doughs will be well developed and easy to work with. Initially, I was sceptical about the breaker bar, but it poses no clearance issues and improves the doughs.

The mixer is quite sophisticated with the timer options, but equally it is easy to operate and not lose control of the dough's development if for some reason there is a need to adjust mixing times. The keypad is simple to operate and very visible. I always know where the dough is at during the mixing cycle. Why, even my bakers find it easy to operate and they also tell me it's easy to keep clean!!

I guess the real value of a mixer is only evident after several years' trouble free use, but at this stage I'm more than happy with my decisions. As I mentioned at the outset I also have a Sinmag bun-rounder. This bun-rounder is about 2 years old and if these items are typical of the Sinmag range then I need have no worries.

Sinmag appears to represent good value for money and so far has given me trouble free quality operation.

Thanks and best wishes.

Paul Davies

Franchisee, Brumby's North Carlton