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biofilm | Eco Friendly Waste Management


biofilm is a 100 per cent Australian owned business founded on more than 10 years of experience in fully compostable bioplastics. biofilm is recognized as the leading player in compostable films and bags and innovative solutions.

biofilm has pioneered the effective uses of bioplastics in many applications:

- In retail where biofilm offers `innovative and eco-friendly compostable products to improve everyday living and make it more sustainable

- In effective waste management
biofilm systems play an important roles in getting food waste out of landfill and into compost. Organic waste can form 50% of the waste stream - a huge quantity - but most goes to landfill where the organic waste creates greenhouse gases. Meanwhile Australian soils cry out for more compost to enhance growth and importantly to retain water and reduce erosion. Our innovative approaches to collection of organic waste in Australia and cooperation with many councils, individuals and organizations is helping to bring about this positive change. Talk to us about the success stories in separate collection of organic waste.

- In packaging
biofilm offers complete tailored compostable packaging solutions.

- In commercial applications
biofilm has Australian made liners to suit offices and all catering facilities from cafes and restaurants to canteens, care facilities hospitals and homes

- Our production facilities biofilm sources its products from factories in Europe, in Australia and Asia. We make our products in leading factories using state of the art materials Our aim is to use the highest proportion of sustainable renewable resources to produce stronger, better, lighter bags and films that enhance everyday living and help preserve our planet. biofilm uses compostable inks and sustainable packaging.

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