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Bacchus Distillery

Bacchus Distillery | Spirit Supplier

Bacchus Distillery

Bacchus Distillery is an Australian company established 1994 as a manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. Bacchus Distillery's prides itself in being passionate in developing innovative premium products.

Our innovative premium products are a result of extensive R&D, which is an integral part of the business. Bacchus Distillery is the industry leader and is also the largest cream liqueur manufacturer in the Asia Pacific Region.

Bacchus Distillery has developed and owns a unique patented process in its manufacturing. The patent technology has allowed Bacchus Distillery to deliver innovative premium products. It’s brands includes Bacchus Cowboy, Smoothie, 6 Shots and +ICE Cocktails that are ranged in all Australian major retail liquor outlets and all good bottles shops.

Our recent expansion in our production capacity is opening new markets for Bacchus Distillery. Bacchus Distillery is now equipped to capitalise on new opportunities in the global markets.

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