Aust beverage wine production at 1.23bn litres for 2011-12

25 February, 2013

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released an update to its statistical publication of Australia's wine industry containing information on wine and spirit production, grapes crushed and inventories of wine owned by winemakers at 30 June and domestic wine sales.

The publication presents final estimates from the ABS Wine and Spirit Production and Wine Inventories Survey, 2011-12 (Annual Wine Survey).

The Annual Wine Survey aims to measure winemaking inputs, outputs and stocks of the Australian wine industry during the 2011-12 financial year.

There were 1.62 million tonnes of grapes crushed in 2011–12. 825.0 thousand tonnes of white grapes and 795.5 thousand tonnes of red grapes were crushed .

Beverage wine production was 1.23 billion litres 2011–12. Fortified wine production accounted for 1.2per cent of beverage wine production while white table wine accounted for 49.6per cent and red and rose table wine accounted for 49.3per cent.

Inventories of beverage wine totalled 1.69 billion litres at 30 June 2012. 90.2per cent of inventories were composed of table wine, 4.8per cent of sparkling wine, 3.6per cent of fortified wine and 1.5per cent of other beverage wine.