All bets off: pubs can broadcast sport with no live odds

31 July, 2013

Sports fans at bars and pubs around Australia can now enjoy broadcasts of live sporting events without the constant intrusion of promotions of live odds during play.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority today registered new codes of practice which limit betting odds promotions and gambling advertising during live sports broadcasts.

"The ACMA worked with broadcasters to enhance and harmonise the codes so they provide appropriate community safeguards for the matters covered by them," ACMA chairman, Chris Chapman said.

At the conclusion of the coming Australian summer sports season, the ACMA will consider if there is a need to review the effectiveness of the new codes.

The ACMA will also continue to gather evidence about prevailing community standards, including through its research programme.

The codes have been developed by the commercial and subscription radio and television sectors of the broadcasting industry in response to palpable community concern and government policy. They provide audiences with a code-based complaints mechanism in relation to these issues.

During live sports broadcasts, the new codes: prohibit the promotion of betting odds from the start until the end of play (there are limited exemptions including for the broadcast of multi-day sports and overseas live sport); prohibit commentators from promoting betting odds during play, and for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the game; restrict generic gambling advertisements to before and after play, scheduled breaks in play and when play is suspended; require gambling representatives to be clearly identified at all times; prohibit gambling advertising that involves a gambling representative at or around, or appearing to be at or around, the ground at any time; prohibit gambling representatives appearing as part, or a guest, of the commentary team at any time.