Supplier: Protech Commercial Kitchens By: Jean Wethmar
10 March, 2020

Protech Hospitality Hub is your business partner, transforming people's dreams into reality. We specialize in hospitality, retail and commercial Fitouts, design, and equipment supply.

  • On-site visits  
    • The key to understanding your business is to meet you at your location!
  • We remove the difficulty  
    • Our experienced eye can tell you immediately what is required.   DA or CDC? Is the building Heritage listed? Disabled access? Is it suitable for a Restaurant or hospitality venue? We’ll alert you to all the important stuff!
  • We will get back to you quickly!
    • Don’t be shy to ring or text us after hours, we’ve been brought up in Hospitality!
  • We have lots of experience
    • 30 years in Hospitality and well over 500 Hospitality Designs and Fitouts in the last 15 years – we really know our stuff!
  • We Design and Construct
    • There is a big advantage in doing Design, Equipment, and Fitouts with one specialist company - we will save you time and money!
  • We guarantee our work
    • As a commitment to you and our quality, we add months in extra warranty to all the works.
  • No Hidden Costs
    • We give you a detailed breakdown of what we are quoting on and we design and build to your budget!
  • Customer experience
    • We do not ask that you follow us blindly, we let our customers speak for themselves.