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7 hot email prospecting tips

Supplier: Industracom
13 June, 2012

Here are some guidelines to increase your email prospecting success.

Remember that busy people read emails with their finger on the delete key, so you need to quickly capture your prospect's attention, pique their curiosity and prove your competence.

Also remember that email will never take the place of a verbal presentation, conversation or follow up call. Some of the best sales people refuse to send emails even if they are dismissed with "Send me some information by email". To that they will often respond "Can I rather call you in a week to talk about it?"

Tip 1. Eliminate delete-inducing words
Get rid of all words that activate the delete response. Here are some serious offenders: exciting, state-of-the-art, solution, partner, leading edge, passion, unique and one-stop shopping.

Tip 2. Keep your message simple
Your email needs to be less than 90 words. Use 2-sentence paragraphs so it can be scanned. Stick with common black fonts (no colours) and never include more than one link or attachment.

Tip 3. Align with their objectives
Research your prospect's specific company, industry or position. Make sure your email mentions an important business objective, strategic imperative, issue or challenge. Relevance is essential.

Tip 4. Focus on immediate priorities
Identify key business events that may be impacting your prospect's priorities and tie your message into that. Examples might be: relocations, mergers, trends, management changes or new legislation.

Tip 5. Be an invaluable resource
Your product or service may be a commodity, but you're not. In your emails, focus on the ideas, insights and information you can share that will be of value to your prospect in reaching their goals.

Tip 6. Craft enticing subject lines
Your subject line determines if your message gets read. Avoid sales hype and focus on business issues such as: "Quick question re: outsourcing initiative" or "Reducing product launch time.”

Tip 7. Launch a campaign
Do 8-12 touches (via email and phone) over a 4-6 week time period, with each contact building off the previous one. Provide links to resources. Spotlight the value of changing from the status quo.