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5 Reasons to Provide Housekeeping Staff with Quality Cleaning Aids

By: Grant King - HospitalityHub Writer
27 May, 2015

Believe it or not there are 66 precise steps in the Marriot Hotel's room cleaning manual. The Marriot chain has transformed the room cleaning process from a random 30 minute whip around to a science.

The manual begins with 'Always knock three times,' and proceeds to give very exact step-by-step instructions on everything from how to change the sheets to the precise order housekeeping should clean a nightstand in.

Such spectacular detail for such seemingly menial tasks might seem extreme. But there's a very good reason for it. Housekeeping can make or break a hotel's reputation, and without the right skills and tools that reputation won't last for long. Here are 5 reasons why you should equip your housekeeping staff with a five star cleaning weaponry.   

The invisible enemy

Your hotel can be the most magnificent piece of architecture, a boutique wonder or a five star luxury resort. But one thing that makes it all worthless is something your guests can't and shouldn't see. Dirt. If it's not there, they'll say nothing. If it's there, look out! The only way to keep dirt at bay is to take cleanliness seriously by providing your housekeeping staff with a serious range of cleaning equipment.

Bend and stretch, reach for the cheque book

No joke, housekeeping is strenuous, thankless work. Some rather interesting research determined that your average housekeeper changed body position every three seconds in the course of bending, stretching, stooping, twisting, reaching and squatting their way around a hotel room cleaning job.

On an average shift that works out to be around 8000 significant body movements, each of which is a candidate for injury. As a manager you can minimise injury risks by providing cleaners with quality, ergonomic vacuum cleaners, mops and anything else that reduces bending and severity of movement.

Time in motions

Cleaning toilets and bathrooms will never rate highly in any housekeeper's affections. Guests can be abominable in their bathroom behaviour and housekeeping has to come along and clean up the mess. Even mess-free bathrooms require the same sanitising once over. But how much faster could that process be with the best industrial strength cleaning products? Remember, the less time it takes to make a room spotless, the more rooms one housekeeper can clean in a day.

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