3 Benefits of Subscription-Based Digital Hotel Compendiums

Supplier: App IT Byte
21 February, 2019

Some have asked us, why our Hinfo digital hotel compendium service is a subscription-based model. We created Hinfo from the start as a subscription-based model, as there are multiple benefits.

Dramatically Lower Upfront Investment

All successful businesses rely on positive cash flow.

Acquiring a new asset or service for any business is more manageable in smaller payments, than one large lump sum, especially if the latter is multiple thousands of dollars.

The first year of the Hinfo service including a one-time initial standard setup fee with all present options included paid on a yearly basis, is no more than AU$687 plus GST for properties with 50+ rooms/apartments, with Hinfo.com guest access.

Our internal research found that an outright up-front payment for a basic app with a basic feature set, each for iPhone/iPad and Android, for your property would be equivalent to 20 years of the Hinfo service, with an advanced feature set to break-even for properties with 50+ rooms/apartments, without Hinfo.com access and not including on-going maintenance costs.

Commitment to the Hinfo service is no more than a year at a time.

On-going Support and Maintenance

Any piece of software or electronic service is like a car. They are initially in perfect condition, but a lack of on-going maintenance will lead to significant issues.

Mobile operating systems are updated periodically with major releases annually. The technical tools developers use is updated frequently.

With an outright purchase for your property alone, the developer is most definitely not guaranteeing any maintenance updates or new features, to make the basic app, at the very least, to work with new operating systems and new devices.

Continual Development

Hinfo is the best compendium solution, but we always ask ourselves “how can we make it better?”

We have ideas on how to improve the service over the long term and if we had of done all of these at the start:

  • Hinfo would never be released.
  • The monthly rates would increase to cover all research and development.

We are open to supporting new operating systems and devices that have a decent acquisition in the consumer market. For example, iOS and Android make up around 95% of all smartphones worldwide, so it’s not viable to support the other 5%, which is where the Hinfo.com website comes in.

We firmly believe the subscription-based model is a better option for properties. This solution is better for value for money, both in the short and long-term.