Indirect Fired Heater | WEATHER-RITE™

Supplier: Hurll Nu-Way

WEATHER-RITE™ indirect-fired air handlers improve indoor air quality and provide air comfort.

Hurll Nu-Way has increased its range of HVAC products with one of the most versatile indirect-fired heating systems — WEATHER-RITE™.

With three fuel options, three control options, nine discharge choices, horizontal or upright installation, plus a complete line of air handling and filtering accessories, WEATHER-RITE™ IDF-Series is designed to last for years with proper installation, maintenance and use.

The following models are available:

Make-Up Air (MUA) Models

Design: 100% replacement air with a fixed discharge air volume.

Function: Supplies direct replacement air for building mechanical exhaust.

Application: Used as make-up air for paint booths and other industrial processes which incorporate mechanical exhaust.

Fixed Recirculation (FR) Models

Design: Manual modulation of outdoor air from 0% to 100% with use of mixing box and potentiometer.

Function: Provides efficient, low-cost heating where minimum ventilation rates are required.

Application: Used in warehouses, distribution centres, retail outlets, etc.

Air Management (AM) Models

Design: Automatic modulation of outdoor air from 0% to 100% with use of mixing box and pressure gauge.

Function: Automatically responds to building pressure and temperature needs.

Application: Used in industrial and commercial buildings that have air quality and specific air management requirements.

Main features of WEATHER-RITE™ air handlers:

  • Discharge air free of combustion by-products
  • High efficiency due to three or four pass heat exchanger design
  • Longer part longevity: Motors, belts and bearings are placed out of the airstream
  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction:
    • Unit cabinet is supported by welded steel frame
    • Casing is finish-coated to help protect against corrosion
  • Modular design allows for custom configurations to meet customers' needs
  • Evaporative and mechanical cooling packages available
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